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Transfer Money to Nigeria

Transfer Money in Minutes. Now with our online presence, we are all set to provide the whole of the UK with better rates for Money Transfer.

How It Works?

You can send money with the following four easy steps

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Create Account

Download our app and signup within minutes. It's easy and free.

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Set up a transfer

Add beneficiary and enter an amount to send or amount to receive in foreign currency.

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Pay securely

Pay using Bank Transfer. This is the most secure and quickest way to receive your payment.

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That's it!

Track your transfer from the app. We payout to beneficiary as promised in delivery method.

Reasons To Choose Us

Why you should choose Bilex for your money transfer services

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We offer many ways to transfer money with ease and maximum convenience, whether online or over the phone.

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We're Fast

Whether you need to transfer money to friends or family across the globe, Bilex gets your funds there quickly and reliably.

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We're Low-cost

Our pricing is highly competitive and fully transparent, Compare us with the competition. You save more with us.

Download App

A Fast and secure way to send money on the go...

You can transfer money at home or on the move with our award-winning app.

  • Save time with Repeat Transfer
  • Track your transfer in Real Time
  • Pay using your favourite Payment Method
  • Get instant help or read our FAQs